The Most Popular Horse Events In Wisconsin

The most famous horse event in Wisconsin is the Midwest Horse Fair, and it is a 3-day horse fair held in Madison at the Alliant Energy Center. Since 1979 this prestigious event has been progressing and becoming more impressive.

The Midwest Horse Fair was premiered in Madison approximately four decades ago, and it pulled about 100 horses plus 4,500 people who came to view and discover steeds of diverse kinds.

In 2000, the show was extended from two days to three, and in 2016, the show drew over 600 horses, highlighted scores of seminars, with an attendance of more than 62,000 attendees.

The Midwest Horse Fair is controlled by the Wisconsin Horse Council, Inc and is Popularly known as the biggest three-day mare show in the country. Every income generated from the Fair are paid to the WHC and are used to design and promote a centralized equine enterprise in Wisconsin. This also helps strengthen the equine through education, leadership, communication, and service and play a proactive role in the later growth and expansion of the equine enterprise.

The Most Popular Horse Events In Wisconsin

Things To Do at The Midwest Horse Fair

It doesn’t matter if you are a new horse owner, a horseless horse-lover, or an experienced professional, the Midwest Horse Fair usually offer something for everyone to enjoy. Children, families, and horse lovers can easily see the horses close by walking through the Pavilions.

Furthermore, horse owners have the chance to observe stallions of different breeds to help make better future breeding decisions. Several species of horses are usually represented through breed shows in the arenas. Moreover, hundreds of seminars, educational events, and clinics are displayed by some of the best horse specialists across the country.

There are over 500 vendors stalls that offer attractive and essential items for everyone to shop. Additionally, the Fair has an estimate of over $11 million economic influence on the Madison area every year with income generated from restaurants, local hotels, shops and several businesses.

The Event Location.

The event takes place at Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, Wisconsin. The Alliant Energy Center is established on the southern end of Madison, off the Beltline Highway (12 & 18), on John Nolen Drive. The Alliant Energy Center is an excellent locality located near three main metro areas.

Final Words

The Wisconsin horse events offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy yourself, examine the breeds and decide the ones you like. It is a great time to place all your problems to the side and immerse yourself in a fantastic world of horses!