The Best Stables In Wisconsin

Are you looking for the best stables in Wisconsin? Fortunately for you, there are so many options for you to choose from.

Horses have specific needs. Some people want to own a horse, but unfortunately, they do not have the resources or the space to house them. And even if you do have a horse and you bring it along when you go on a trip to Wisconsin, you need to bring a horse trailer with you. This will ensure that your horse will be safe during the journey. However, this is not something that you can just park anywhere. You need to look for the right boarding arrangements for you and your horse. While Wisconsin is famous for breeding the best horses, not all hotels or accommodation options will allow you to keep your horse trailer in a parking lot.

About horse stables in Wisconsin

The stables in Wisconsin are practically the same. However, they offer different types of boarding packages. You should know what the stable offers so you can make arrangements in case it is not enough for your horse. Here are the different types of boarding for horses that you should be aware of.

  • Full board. This means the horse will get a stall with a full turn-out. Your horse will also be provided with the necessities like food and water. If you get this type of boarding arrangement, you do not have to visit your horse every day because their needs will be attended to. Of course, this will be the most expensive of your options. Some of these packages offer lessons and a free use of the arena and equipment.
  • Part-board. This entails part-ownership of the horse as well. This is a great option if you want to own a horse but you do not have the facilities to house them. You can just part for part-ownership of the horse and in turn, you get to use the horse at certain times of the week or hours of a day. The details of who gets to pay for every expense should be outlined in the boarding contract.
  • Pasture board. In this arrangement, your horse will live outdoors but will still be provided with food, water, and a run-in shelter. Extras like a blanket during the cold season will be charged extra. While the horse will not be provided individual attention all the time, the staff will ensure that it is healthy and well fed.
  • Self-care board. This means you get to rent facilities and use them but you will be completely in charge of caring for your horse. You need to bring your own feed and bedding. Turn-out, mucking out, and feeding will be part of your responsibilities.

Before choosing among the stables in Wisconsin, make sure they offer the boarding arrangement that you prefer to have.

4 of the best stables in Wisconsin

Here are 4 of the best stables that you can find in Wisconsin.

Canyon Creek Stables

This stable in Wisconsin has the old west feel to it. The place is surrounded by scenic trails where both young and old can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery in Wisconsin. The place even has a 200-feet tunnel that will lead you to the deeper part of the wilderness. They also have a petting zoo that completes the experience. You can inquire about their boarding facilities online.

Bighorn Ranch

Located in Arkdale, this ranch has everything that you need to have fun with horses. It is equipped and designed to provide fun activities and adventures for the whole family. They even have an indoor riding area that will allow guests to ride even if the weather is unpleasant outside. Of course, that is not nearly as fun as following the trails surrounding the ranch. The ranch also offers day camps for family and friends.

Sun Fire Stables

This is another one of the best stables in Wisconsin. It is a family-owned business that operates an equine facility since 1984. They offer Youth Day Camps that teach children about horses and how to ride them. They also offer physical activities for homeschooled children. With 50 acres of land, the stables offer a lot of space in case you want to board your horse with them.

Knollwood Farm

If you want to learn how to ride, better do it with one of the largest riding schools in Wisconsin! Located in Hartland, this farm is equipped with everything that you need to learn how to ride – whether it is for leisure or sports. The farm is owned by known trainers, Scott and Carol Matton, who have helped train champions in the past.

These are only a few of the best stables in Wisconsin. You can feel free to research other options for you to go to.