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This is a website that will focus on horses – specifically those that are bred in Wisconsin.

Horses in the US are quite popular. According to statistics, there are 9.2 million horses in the country. This figure does not even include the thousands of feral horses that roam in the wild. The equine industry continues to grow and thrive – with around 4.6 million citizens involved in the breeding of horses and other horse-related businesses.

It is interesting to know that horses in the US used to be extinct. This was said to be between 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. But when the Spaniards came, they brought horses with them and that helped repopulate the animals in this continent. That means the horses that you see in Wisconsin are more likely descendants of these horses.

About horses in Wisconsin

So why do wisconsin-horse.com focus on this state? According to the report from the Midwest Horse Fair, the most popular horse breeds come from Wisconsin. This is based on the registrations collated from the fair.

If you know the geography of Wisconsin, it is not surprising why they are the leading horse breeders in the country. The land in this state is actually diverse. You have the highlands of the North, the uplands of the West, the plains in the central area, and the lowlands stretching until the Lake Michigan. The state is the 23rd largest state in the country that gives horses a lot of room to live and thrive.

Wisconsin is also known as the “Dairyland” of America. That is because it is the leading producer of dairy – specifically cheese. That indicates that there are several farms in the area. You can be sure that these farms have facilities for horses to thrive.

About wisconsin-horse.com

In wisconsin-horse.com, we will discuss horses and their life in Wisconsin. We will also give you information about places in Wisconsin that you can visit for some horseback riding activities. Horses are quite remarkable creatures and having your family come into close contact with them should be a great experience.

This website will also dwell on the different horse-related competitions like showjumping, dressage, etc. Horse racing and the famous race tracks in the US will also be highlighted in some of our articles. If you are interested in taking care of horses, you can get information about the best stables or riding schools in Wisconsin.

Another thing we have on the site is information about games related to horses. Some horse games can be played for free with the chance to win money.

More than anything, this website will be for all horse lovers out there. Whether it is about movies, games, or simple tips on what you need to remember before buying horses – you will get that from this website.

So feel free to browse wisconsin-horse.com to know more about your favorite animals!